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The Top 8 Bridal Gown Trends of 2023

Updated: Jan 26

popular bridal styles of 2023

During 2023, we have seen so many gorgeous and unique wedding dress trends. As the end of 2023 approaches, let's dive into this year's top bridal trends and see which style is your favorite!

 1. 3D Florals

Eye-catching 3D floral appliques have been prevalent in this year's bridal dress trends. This style may suit you if you love floral details and making a statement!

white ball gown with 3D florals
Christina Wu Style 15828
off shoulder bridal gown with 3D florals
Moonlight Style H1503

2. Sleek Satin

The elegant and timeless look of satin has been a crowd-pleaser for brides this year. Consider a sleek satin gown if you prefer a clean and classic feel.

satin bridal ball gown
Moonlight Style J6701
strapless satin bridal gown
Christina Wu Style 18354

3. Bodice with a Bustier Design

A dress with a bustier bodice often gives sexy or vintage vibes, which must have been a selling point for brides-to-be in 2023. Go ahead and try on that bustier gown if you want to add spice to your bridal look.

thick strap bridal gown with bustier bodice
Val Stefani Style s2232
ball gown with bustier bodice and detachable puff sleeves
Moonlight Style J6894

4. Tulle Details

The sheer flowingness of tulle can add a graceful and ethereal touch to a wedding dress. Explore bridal designs with tulle details to give your big day an angelic mood.

bridal gown with tulle detail on bottom of skirting
Val Stefani Style D8326
bridal gown with detachable tulle wings
Christina Wu Style 15874

5. Bows

A bow, whether small or large, has just the right amount of cuteness and romantic quality any bride would adore. Add a bow to your bridal gown wish list if you favor cute and distinct looks.

fit and flare bridal gown with lantern sleeves and bow
Christina Wu Style 28181
satin bridal gown with bow on back
Moonlight Style T131

6. Ellaborate Ballgowns

Choosing a voluminous or detailed bridal ball gown is often seen as the ultimate show-stopper. Brides with a flare for the dramatic should consider donning an elaborate ball gown for their special day.

long sleeve ball gown with intricate details
Val Stefani Style D8275
ball gown with high neckline and intricate lace
Moonlight Style M5065

7. Pops of Color

Deciding against a traditional all-white gown brings unconventional and fun undertones to your nuptials. Choose a colored dress if you march to the beat of your own drum and love a surprising wedding gown reveal.

pink floral print ball gown
Moonlight Style J6893
Bridal gown with black lace detail
Christina Wu Style 15657

8. Sleeved Off-The-Shoulder Gowns

Bridal gowns that are off the shoulder with sleeves allow your decolletage to be displayed while keeping your arms concealed. Brides may gravitate to this kind of gown if they fancy a sultry and elegant aesthetic.

lace bridal gown with detachable off the shoulder sleeves
Val Stefani Style s2245
bridal gown with ruched tulle off the shoulder sleeves
Christina Wu Style 15856

Interested in these styles?

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